Thursday, October 1, 2015

I love GIF'S. My Favorites.

Can you tell I am bored AF? 
Mylanta, I just said that? Yes, I did. oh well, is it still cool to say that?
ahhh, who cares.
Here are some of my favorites GIF's that make me laugh when I see, its simple things like GIF'S that make the world a happy place.

When I see people copycat my blog.
I AM. so BYE.

Bae-low Deck
Eddie. because its just funny.

UMM. dont they all?

 Clinkity Clank

life's got me like....

please, shut the &*$# up and let me speak.

“here’s an oreo”
I mean, for REAL. who does that shit. we were not even going to eat it. just look at it and admire how beautiful it is.


This is the timeline expressions of my day to day life decisions
how I feel when idiots post shit on Facebook.

Very Basic. #BasicBi*ch

When people ask me if I work out..

because we cant be friends if you don't. sorry. 

ok, bye. Im off to drink a bottle glass of wine.

all gifs are found here