Monday, October 5, 2015

Beauty Products I MUST try!

I am a beauty product lover. I love going to beauty supply stores, cvs, walmart or wherever they supple beauty products and I like looking browsing and finding new things to try!
So I figured I would list some things I wanna try to see if any of you ladies (or men) have tried them..

The E.L.F Ulimate Blending Brush
I love love my ECO Tools brushes. I have heard alot of great things about these E.L.F Studio Brushes. So I figured, hell, $6? That's not bad, so I ordered me one. I have used the "white line" of E.L.F brushes. They really are not my favorite, because they are a very harsh bristle. I love soft and silky brushes.

Infallible<sup>®</sup> Pro-Matte Foundation Classic Ivory 101 - L'Oreal Paris
L'OREAL Infallible PRO-MATTE Foundation
Does anyone watch Madison Axford on youtube? Well I do, and she has raved about this foundation alot. So it has me interested in thing I HATE about shopping for foundations is I almost NEVER have a girlfriend with me to help me pick out the perfect foundation. Anyone have any tips on finding the perfect foundation when your shopping alone?

    e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette

    For 6.00 you get FOUR blush pallets. I mean for reals. For 6.00, you can only get one on any other brand. NEED I say more?

    Face Studio Master Conceal - Maybelline New YorkInstant Age Rewind&#174; Eraser Dark Spot Concealer + Treatment

    Face Studio Master Concealer & Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer
    I am a big lover of concealer, only because you can do so many things with it. The master conceal is a favorite to so many beauty lovers so it is a must on my list!!
    I wanna try the age rewind because of the sponge material for the applicator . It just looks fun to apply.

    I love E.L.F not because its cheap, but it is always stands up for it price. I mean for the price range of $1-$20 for a beauty product and its WORTH the great price I will always be a forever lover of E.L.F
    SO here are a few "NEW" e.l.f products i want to try

    e.l.f. Skincare Complete Skin Care Regimen-

    I must say, when i went to there website and saw these I couldn't help but wonder if they are just as amazing as there other beauty products?
    I mean I am a tight wad. I barely spend over 10 bucks on ANYTHING. But, this....this is something I want to try tomorrow!

    I hope you enjoyed this little post. If there is anything you think i should try PLEASE email me! I love hearing about new beauty products.