Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Top Five Fall 2015 Must HAVES

Fall has some what arrived here in Texas, the weather has been so nice. I have been enjoyig the nice cool breeze during mid-day..
So i figured why not take this lovely weather as a inspiration on some of the things I WILL have this fall!

Here are a few things I must have soon....

Just got these in the brown!  Cannot wait to wear them!  They are so comfortable and are just the boot for cooler weather.:
Fringe Boots
I might be a little behind on this trend, but I am obsessed with these little boogers! So easy to wear with anything (NO denim skirts please.) I mean, skinnies, a tee, and these cuties!! 
Perfect for those cold fall/winter nights chilling by the fire. Just don't catch your fringe on fire. 

Faux Fur Vest
These are so awesome to have, depending no the quality of the vest it can sometimes make you feel and look as rich as those Housewives on Bravo. #TEAMBEADOR. I love a piece that is very versatile, you can wear casually or dress it up a bit!

Sequin Joggers
(or plain jane joggers)

These Joggers are so damn cute, I cant even right now. #NewYearsEve?

Womens Marisa Denim And Fleece Jacket | Womens Outerwear | eu.Abercrombie.com:
Denim Sweater Jacket-
I have been lusting over theses jackets for awhile now. I haven't the perfect one yet...actually I did, i tried it on and I figured I should wait until I found a better one. Guess what, i havent found a better one yet. You know where it was....WALMART! of ALL PLACES, I went back the next week and they were all F&%*ing gone!!! 

If you're a fan of saying "y'all," you'll love our new Texas Y'all T-shirt!:

I have wanted one of these for a VERY VERY long time. So I am hoping, Santa brings it too me this year. SISTER in law this is the one I want!