Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five Halloween Ideas.

I have been on a hunt for a costume or halloween makeup to do yourself.
I like anything that's cheap and easy!
So here are five Halloween Ideas I found that you and your friends might like

Plastic Surgery Victim.
and even the cute "glitter mask" looks fun and easy!

"We Can Do it" lady. not really sure on her proper name but, seriously
all you need is a denim shirt roll up sleeves and a red bandanna! EASY!!

STICK figure?
Already got an all-white ensemble? Use black tape to be a stick figure.

need a costume for you and two other friends
i have a costume for you
Stay comfy and warm with a Three Blind Mice sweatsuit costume.
Three Blind Mice. Seriously. easy.

You can just be a cute scarecrow!
all you need are 
-flannel shirt
-straw hat
<i> Photo Credit: <a href=http://www.herbsandoilsremedies.com/2013/09/cute-yet-creepy-diy-halloween-party.html?m=>herbsandoilsremedies.com</a> </i>
How easy can this get ladies??

Need a idea for the man in your life..

Brawny Man
Attention men with red flannel shirts: you're just one paper towel purchase away from a great costume.:

"Wilson" from Home Improvement!
Popsicle sticks and a fisherman&#39;s hat = instant Wilson.