Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Feels.

Weekend was a good one. Didn't do much.
 My Bestie, Ashley came down from LBK and we celebrated her daughters birthday and hung out at my place.
 We had a lazy night actually, our husbands caught some
 fish and we ate the fish so all in all, it was a good Saturday.
Also, my other bestie moved back into town making it 
great for me, her and our kids. Our boys are the best of friends!

Oh, yeah my husband thought it would be cool to hit about 5 baby hogs in 
my Hummer Friday night while it was pouring down rain.
Thank the GOOD LORD above. He and the hummer are in one piece!
It came out of alignment which was a easy fix.
So guess what he did yesterday,
you got wasn't a lazy Sunday for him.

I really wanted to make some soup and red beans yesterday but,
I never got around too it. I figured it would be nice to eat on throughout 
the week.
We are always so busy during the week of school
with soccer, tiger scouts and other shinans. That 
by the time we get home its time for supper, baths, and bed. With homework in the middle of all that.

I still havent figured out what Stella is going to be for 
Halloween. I wanted to DIY this year. Anyone have any 
ideas? I thought maybe a Crow? Too Weird? idk? 

Oh and its a Monday. 

This is a no-judgement zone.: