Monday, October 12, 2015

That one time I was officially creeped out.

A while back ago, I had something happen to me that literally let me creeped out. 
Let me start off by saying I know pretty much everyone in town, so if you go into Walmart without having a twenty minute convo with someone you know, THEN you my friend had a successful shopping trip at Walmart!

So anyhoo.. 

It started out like any normal shopping trip, me minding my own business on a mission to get my supplies I needed for supper.
Then next you know I see a man I know. I tried not to lock eyes because lets be real when that happens YOU know you have to have a conversation!
Well he sees me a V lines towards me. So, ultimately I couldn't be rude and ignore him so I said Hello, and tried to be on my way and not have a full blown seven hour convo in the middle of the store. TOO late, what seems like hours of standing there and talking over nonsense. I kindly tell the much older man, I needed to finish up shopping and head home. 
He then leans in a starts to hug me. I am a side hugger when it comes to strange people. SIDE hug. okay? So here we are side hugging this man holding on to me and pretty much not letting me go (at this moment I feel like i am on ID channel show.) The next thing that comes out his mouth is, Kiss me. 
EXCUSE ME. say whaaatt? Did he just me that. IN THE MIDDLE of Walmart, you want ME to kiss you, hahaha.
I proceeded to tell him I am more of a one man, girl. 
Then asks me again, its just a kiss. Who cares if your married.
"I CARE, and so does my husband, please let go of me because I have to go." did I mention both children were with me? 
Finally he let me go and I walked away as fast as I could.
If I could have filed for a restraining order at Walmart I would have, because WHO does that, knowing your married not only that but, who just randomly asks a woman that?
That man does, I  haven't seen that man since, surprisingly. But, if I did I would avoid him at all COSTS!
It left me feeling violated and completely utterly creeped out.

yeah so there you have it. My story to another. maybe this will help you in your next adventure to the store. be sure to just keep it a miminal when talking to weird strange men you KIND of know. just  SIMPLE hi and wave is perfectly fine!