Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Texas Sate Fair Trip 2015

Over the weekend we went to the State Fair here in Texas, it was the last weekend and we went on a Saturday. It was pretty damn busy, LOTS of people. Unlike last trip we made we went on a Wednesday, it was nice, not a lot of people so therefore no lines and no crowds or no rude people that just walk in front of you while your pushing a stroller.

I took lots of pictures.
So i figured heck, i might as well share them with all you!

The bow didnt stay on very long. It never does.

This was pretty cool, you could "drive it" well atleast pretend you were driving it on a open road.

Checking out the ol' Fords

 Brand New 2017 Ford

Robot Man.

I was hoping for a none photobomb pic of Slayde and Big Tex.

oh look there's Stella too.

Didn't really know what was going on here but, some lady was on there motorcycle. maybe she just wanted a photo-op?

Nothing like rows and rows of stuffed animals to win.

Waiting in line for our game card, and apparently I catch my husband picking his nose and facebooking.. Like always.
This little light of mine...

Figured I should get a photo of us.

GO Slayde Go!

He finally won a squid hat!

This guy was too cool. I literally had a arguemnt with my husband about him. Iliterally thought he didnt have a bottom half. click here for his story

Dad helping Slayde win big!

Just like his dad, always wanted to ride those motorcycles!

Lets Ride!

Wheelie Time!

Seeing him smile and be happy is the best feeling I can have!

Slayde & Hunter

Goofy Kids!

Fixing to take Flight!

Me and my girl Rikki (hunters mom)

Mmmmmmm Turkey Legs. lots and lots of turkeys legs...

Miss Brooke! 

Best Cock  AWARD GOES TOO...

...This guy....

Saxophone player in the Wine Garden! 

Barbed wire "Grill" for you pick up truck, thought it was pretty badass.

This cool nest, i think it was made out of natural recycled materials

Ok, so my sunglasses got stuck in my hair, and my hands were full of turkey leg and grease!

The kids ready to spend there 1,000,000,000 dollars. haha

MMMMMMM....This turkey leg is so good

Yay for Turkey Legs!

Rikki and Brooke!

Squid Boy is back!!

He smiled. :)

Rusty face cracks me up.

ok I had to try it on too

He was actually coughing in this photo. he is such a obnoxious cougher.

not coughing. just always gotta be silly. his faces crack me up.

There you have it. Our State Fair Trip told by photographs. . 
I enjoy snapping little candid moments that I will be able to look back on, its simple photographs that make you remember all the memories of that day!

I always love seeing Slayde smile, and he always does when we do things as a family!! I will always cherish these wonderful times with my sweet little family.