Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Five things that need to stop on Facebook in 2016.

We all have a list of things that people do on Facebook that are either annoying, you don't really care that much about, or basically its irrelevant to you or anyone else at that matter.
So I figured why not let everyone know..what needs to be stopped in 2016. 
I  may even be guilt of some of these, but I highly doubt it.

Your Relationship- Okay we get it. Your relationship "is complicated". I don't understand why Facebook even encouraged that but, they did.I see at the most, two to three post daily or weekly about someone bashing there Ex boyfriend, new boyfriend, ex husband, or whatever these people are too them. NOONE gives two shits about ya'lls relationship. If yall broke up a week ago and your back with him and start in on that "rant about boyfriends/husbands who don't know how to treat a woman". Maybe it is YOU that needs to reassurance that bashing your ex or a loved one on Facebook, just isnt the place. Maybe get a journal or a blog?

If you share this Photo Jesus will love you- No, just no. Jesus will not save you, send you money, bless you or whatever is these post say if you share it. Jesus does not come to save you on Social Media. Pray, have faith, and open your heart to him..that's when his work will shine through.

One Uping One Another- I get so annoyed when I see people trying to "one up" the other or make it sound like they are better then you. I don't understand why you feel the need to brag constantly about how yours husband is better then mine. Guess what, I am pretty sure if you have to "brag" or "one up" someone I am pretty damn sure its too make YOU feel better or make yourself look better on social media.

Share Posts Before you EVEN read the Article/Photo-

Ok, so I know that this little photo spread like wild fire on my Facebook. I can only imagine how many people actually "shared" this post. When I first read it I was like yeah, that will change everything. Then I saw it over and over and over agian. Then it hit me, okay HOW? Who in the frack did this math. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and like to self proclaim she meant to put cents instead of MIL. #knowyourfacts. Before you Post/Share, make sure you read the article or check the math.

Being Offended or Upset over EVERYTHING-
And year of joke maneuvering: | 28 Memes That Pretty Much Sum Up Life In 2015| I try hard, I really do:
Okay people, I get it EVERYONE has an opinion, comment, question, answer..etc..
Sometime I feel if i post something I might get the wrath of people. There used to be a certain person on my Facebook, that had a OPINION about every f^%$ing thing I posted. She then finally got tried of my smartass comments, so she....gaspppp, deleted me. I was somewhat sad she deleted me, only because I couldn't read he opinions she had about me and my life. It okay to be "offended" (I guess, it is.) But, come on...don't be having a opinion or get offended OVER every little thing. Like, if I want to rant about people spoling there kids too much I will. Because in reality, I don't want to keep up with the Jones's nor do I try because, basically I am Poor.