Monday, January 18, 2016

My Favorite Beauty/Everyday HACKS!

I am a sucker for a easy hack or a great DIY I can do myself from items in my own home! 
Recently I have tried a few new things that I wanted to share with my readers! 

BAKING SODA- oh my goodness. I have tried and done so many things with this wonderful natural product! 
First thing I tried was mixing a tablespoon in my face wash for a Natural Microdermabrasion. Wow. Ladies I never knew how much it would improve my face! I do this atleast two-three times a week. Not only does it leave your face soft and smooth but, I also breaks down all that dry, old flakey skin and makes your face glow! Not to mention exfoliate your face. With that being said, I bet you could use it with your body wash to give you that soft skin glow as well.
--Mix it with your toothpaste! It helps clean, freshen and whiten your teeth! 
--Mix it with your shampoo. Like I stated before a tablespoon or so mix with shampoo make paste and run into scalp and roots ONLY. I would use this mixture once or twice a month to help break down all that yucky build-up from your hair products, dirt and pollution!

Coconut Oil
 Easy DIY LIp Scrub-  this lip scrub is so wasy your kids could do it! All you need it Coco Oil and Sugar. Melt coco oil and add sugar mix until it's all combained. I like to leave my mixture a little on the oiler side so it helps even out the lip scrub. 

Hair Mask- before bed apply Coco Oil to scalp and ends, massage into scalp. Go to bed. Wake up wash hair! Soft, happy healthy hair! :)

Moisturizer- I use Coco Oil as lotion, face moisturizer, on my kids. Etc.. Also it is a great eye makeup remover!

ACV (Apple Cider Vinager) BRAGGS only!

For you Face- after washing your face, apply to cotton ball your BRAGGS ACV and apply over your skin for a natural toner! It also can help brighten your face!

Morning Detox ACV TEA- 

You can also apply to any dark spots on your face to help with hyper pigmentation. 

Do you have anymore beauty hacks you enjoy? Please share with me!!