Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Its Tuesday.

Nothing really fun happens on a Tuesday here at my household.
Except for Taco Tuesday and RHOBH comes on. Fun night. Oh we also have to throw in the homework sometime between all that.

Recently we celebrated my husband birthday over the weekend. we had a bunch of friends come out and had a "Brisket Cook Off" and the participates were the birthday boys.
Needless to say they both won. I think. I didn't really hang out too much down at the barn where everyone was. I am in need of a dentist trip, and I wanted to stay home since I couldn't partake in any of the drinking fun. LAME.
So basically, I stayed up at the house with the children while everyone enjoyed there beers, alcoholic beverages, bon fire and food. 

So basically my weekend sucked. BUT, I managed. 
I also, managed to get stuff done on Sunday. 
I cleaned out my sons horrific messy room and got rid of some toys all in the mix.
That was basically my highlight of the weekend. Cleaning his room and getting rid of toys. Who knew kids could accumulate so many toys and random things (like random sonic toys).
so basically
with a 
thrown in the