Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals

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Over the weekend my husband and I got started on our new Chicken Pin. I am so excited for this adventure we are about to take in raising our own chickens and having farm fresh eggs at our own hands! Pretty soon we will get started on our Spring/Summer Garden and we will be one step closer from eating organic/gmo FREE!

Other then that yesterday while I was outside enjoying the wonderful breeze here in Texas. (it was 75 this Sunday!) Like literally wearing a tank top weather. CRAY mother nature.

Anyways on to the reason for the this post...
My February Goals.
I was enjoying my lovely Ice Tea yesterday and the wonderful sun when I wrote these down. Needless to say the beautiful day and sun inspired me for my Goals

1. Make Curtains for Stella's Room & Slayde's Room.
2. Get Slayde a New Comforter
3. Finish Sanding and Paint bed side table
4. Paint Hutch in Kitchen
5. Finish Chicken Pen
6. Till up new spot for Garden
7. Rake leaves and put in compost pile
8. Organize and Clean Craft Desk
9. Paint White Shelf in Bedroom
10. Start on Stella's Room (paint and Decorate)
11. Start sanding dresser
12. Sand and Paint Slayde's shelf
13. Start planting flower garden 
14. Plant new shrubs
15. Start making Body Scrubs, Bath Salts and Detox bath salts.
16. Make Etsy Shop for new my new adventure with Katie (coming soon)
17. Start Planning Birthday Celebrations for my DIRTY THIRTY!
19. Start Running more.
20. worry less. have fun. enjoy the little things and dont take anything for granted!