Monday, January 25, 2016

Snake in the Grass

I I get everyone has their opinions about everyone. I know, people have theirs about me, and I am okay with the saying goes "you makes the bed you lay in." 
People can change though. Shocking I know BUT, they really can change throughout the years.
If I judge my friends on what they did 5-10 plus years ago I might or might not be their friend.

A few days ago a friend of mine were talking the other day and she told me something that someone had said about me. She called you a "Snake in the Grass" and to watch out, because Amy will steal your man.
I get it,  I know I haven't treated some of my friends the best i could in the past but, I HAVE changed I have learned and evolved from that past of hurting people who mean the most to me. I have learned friendships are special and if you find that one person you can have a fierce friendship with hold on to it and keep it safe in your heart.
I may have been a "snake in the grass" in the past in your opinion but, these days I am nothing but a butterfly in the field. (did that make sense, no but who cares?)

On too the "husband/boyfriend thief" WHATEVER. 
Trust me I have a man, husband, baby daddy. whatever you calls them these days and trust me I don't want yours. or your sisters or your friends. 
Why on earth would I steal someones husband when I am HAPPILY MARRIED with two children? I don't recall stealing anyone's boyfriend/husband back in my prime. BUT I don't know I cant remember much from being TO busy from being a "snake in the grass." 

Its crazy to think about how people still presume you still are after all these years after you graduate and GROW up. I mean if I still looked at you as the person you were 5+ years ago.....I am pretty sure you wouldn't be calling me names such as "snake in the grass" or "boyfriend stealer" WHATEVER
(for the record I DON'T ever recall stealing anyone's boyfriend, BUT if i did please write in comment section below)
Like I said, people listening to what they want to hear. 

Has this girl ever came up to me since graduation, and since we both "grew up, had children, then got married" NO. 
Has she gotten to know me since HS? No.
Does she really know who I AM? No, she doesn't

She is clearly judging me on who I was as a TEEN, as a young woman trying to find my way into the world. Just like her. Yet, she is still judging me. She's talking about me, and making herself look bad at the same time.
I know her past isn't perfect either so why judge someone for their past and how they acted when they were young. Because when we are young, we learn grow from our mistakes.

I want her to know, that I still think she is a great mom. wonderful wife. and beautiful. 
I want her to know, the things that she still says about me only makes me stronger.
Stronger to be a better mom. wife. friend. lover. sister. granddaughter.
Because until she can love herself and for who she is. 
She'll stop judging others.

Let's build us women up and not down. 
When a woman is feeling down and out. Make her laugh and happy
make her smile again. because you never know when that smile will never be seen again.