Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lotto Lunatic.

School has started so that means, Christmas break is over and now we wait for Spring Break..
We didn't do much over the break, but I do have a story. Its not very exciting...although at the moment it was so what exciting and scary all at the same time!!

A couple days before Christmas Eve, I went to the local gas station to get some gas and a forty for the road Soda for the road.
As I go into Allsups, it it ridiculously busy. Both lines are long and so I get into the nearest line with less people. 
As I am waiting in line I see the nice man O'dell, (yeh, my town is that small that we know the gas station clerks by name.) he is working the other lane, while I am in the check out line for Mamie.
I am in front of a well known lady and I say hello, and proceed to move on through the line. I see across the line that there is a man causing trouble with O'dell I really didn't think much about it until Mamie takes over his lane...
Remember this is TWO days before Christmas Eve!

This man is causing a stir. Over a lotto ticket. I am confused on whats going on so I use my super power hearing and try to listen. I over here this man complaining because he couldn't purchase BOTH his purchase and his LOTTO. Apparently there computers at Allsups cant "charge" for Lotto TICKEts. THIS MAN gets irate. Yelling at Mamie then, his wife chimes in and says that "this wouldn't happen if they didn't give such shitty service.." WHICH IS FAR FROM TRUE! If you lived here you would know the Allsups on the "drag" is the place to go for GREAT service!
Soon, the police get called. This man is holding up a line..which causes the other people waiting in his line to become irritated.

Then I hear the lady behind me "go get your dad." 
I really didn't think much of it except I wanted to scream off the Top of my lungs a bunch of Christmas Carols in hopes that everyone would chime in and he would soon realize that this isnt the time to be throwing a fit over a lotto ticket.Soon after, its my turn I pay for my gas and soda and get outta there.

I didn't really think much about it, until...the lady that was behind me, well her and her husband parked beside me. Soon i see them coming out of the store and see him get in his vehicle holding HIS very own HANDGUN!

It wasn't until then I realized things could have been WAY WAY worse then what it was, ESPECIALLY with how much the world is using violence.

DON'T GET ME WRONG, I WAS NOT SCARED because her husband had the gun. I was scared because of how it could have been way far worse then it was.

After that I called my husband told him what happened and told him I wanted my CHL asap!
I am VERY much all for guns

I still think about how things could have turned good from bad. But, I also remind myself I am VERY lucky. That that woman behind me had a husband willing to protect his community from a crazy lunatic worried about his Lotto.

What did I learn during those few minutes of waiting in line?

Things can change in a INSTANT!