Thursday, February 11, 2016

I confesssss....

Another confess session, mainly because I feel I need to get some things off my chest to you readers/friends.

I Confess- I have been doing a workout lately, but not eating as great as I should..I don't think that counts does it?
I did limit my coffee drinking to one cup tho. Go Me.

I Confess- I haven't been washing my face every morning and night.
Its just sometimes I am too sleepy. or maybe just a lazy ass.

I Confess- working out isn't as easy as it looks, nor is trying to eat healthy either.

I Confess- I never got my husband anything for his birthday. So I figured I would make up for it during Valentine's Day.

I Confess- sometimes everytime I am driving my car. I sing. not just quite singing or singing in my head. I mean sing..I'm no Adele, but I feel like I might be a Beyonce. Wait...maybe I don't want to be a Beyonce. How about....Mariah? 

I Confess- I hate changing diapers. i am over it. the end

I Confess- I am sick of trying to keep up with the Jones's and these crazy trends. I am ready to follow my own path and do my own thing. I dont care for judgement or tacky comments. I am ready to Lead not follow. I have always been the one to march to my own beat..and I am going to keep on doing MY thing. #noregrets

I Confess-  I like to day drink.