Monday, February 22, 2016

Mini Vacay- Lubbock Texas.

Over the weekend Me and the Family went to Lubbock to visit some of our close friends!
My best friend Ashley married my husband's best friend, so it makes it fun and easy!! We both have two boys same age and our two girls are close in the same age so it makes things easy for the both of us!
When we arrived around 5, me and Ash loaded up the girls and headed for the mall (the boys were going to Monster Jam). We hit up the mall, bought a few things then decided it was time for some food. We ate at Teddy Jack's which was RIDICULOUSLY over priced. After dinner we headed home, put the girls to sleep and headed out the door to go get some adult beverages.
Which was a blast and "Chances R" we got a a little drunky. The next morning was rough but we managed and sent the kids of with the Husbands and went shopping some more. #lifeofawife

Ya'll I am not sure if I have ever talked about Plato's closet on here but FOR REALS.
I cant even when I go in there. I don't care if its someone else's clothes. IDGAF. I love finding anything for a cheaper price then when you bought it at original price. 
Ladies, I got a pair of Sandals 3-Tops 1- Graphic Tee 2- Shorts and a dress for $65.00 yall!! Seriously, i cant even get out of Old navy or TJ Maxx that cheap. So needless to say i am spoiled and never pay full price for anything, unless I am feeling saucy.

We also went to Once Upon a Child and i got our ridiculously cheap from there with the kids clothes. I got Stella 2 Rompers 1 Dress 4 Tops 2 Shorts Pair of Puma shoes and Slayde a pair of Sperry's for $47!!! I AM NOT LYING YALL!!! I hate spending a ridic amount of money on my kids clothes when all they do is ruin them..

We also hit up Chuy's mexican Restaurant. Chuy a Chihuahua or what? I really need to know.

Ash's husband CJ smoked a brisket that night and a bunch of the boys played Wolf Chase. Which was fun, I like to shoot guns but not when there is so much going on. I like to do it alone with no distraction. 

Here are some pictures from the weekend..

Headed TO Chuy's

We support the RED CUP!

Rusty giving Slayde lessons on shooting a 22

Me and Ash

The girls enjoying a ride in the Jeep.

Ash doing what she does best...talking

skeet skeeeeet

wolf chase!