Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to my Blog!

#AñoNuevo #Inspiración al máximo para todos en #MaxMovil:

I started this Blog FIVE years ago to this date.
I haven't came very far with it. BUT, i enjoy this blog of mine.
Even tho I have 80 followers.
Went to one blogger meet-up
Made a few friends
Found some awesome blogs
Learned a few things
This was my first post by the way.
My blog orginal was suppose to be about my Wedding DIY'S and DIY'S in general..but then I
started talking about family, fashion, DIY's I Figured Amy Lee Tales fits this alot better then WHATEVER I had it before.. I really don't remember

so here is too FIVE more years on this blog.  I hope in time I can make some money, and gain a few more follwers then just 80....reaaaaaaaaaallly wanting to hit the 100 mark. But apparently my blog is to lame for anyone to follow these days. ha. Oh well..we all can't be popular now can we?

Oh well since you may be new to this blog or been here a million times.
Here are a few of my favorite posts.

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So Happy Birthday To my Blog!! Thanks for reading. I do enjoy it. Even one even knows I am here.

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Amy Lee